2017 Skylark Red Belly


Red Belly is our ode to the South of France where blending varietals to create a unique synergy is the way of life. Blending compatible vineyards together is a centuries old tradition, and we love the challenges and complexities that come with that tradition. 2017 began for us with record setting spring rains, then folding into a beautiful, Mediterranean summer. As it always does, the Labor Day heat wave came in full intensity, pushing temperatures into the 100s. A quick, welcome rain then cooled the North Coast and picking conditions into October were ideal. Niemi Carignane came in on October 4, followed by Sawyer Grenache on the 5th and finally Ashurst Syrah on the 7th. After each lot was vinified separately, the blend became apparent after multiple blending trials and was bottled without fining or filtration.

45% Carignane, 36% Grenache and 19% Syrah

Purple hue. Aromas of black cherry, plum, violet and black tea. The palate is Provence meets California, with the savory, Old World earth elements married to the sunny disposition of coastal California. Fleshy and refined, the fruit-driven textural elements are in full harmony with the spice and structural components. 2017 Red Belly is an ideal dinner companion or a delight to be enjoyed on its own.

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