TWELVE BOTTLES OF 2022 for $195.00

The onset of Rose season is always such a portent of good times to come. Especially this year. Skylark Pink Belly Rose is sourced from Kurt Ashurst’s Grenache vineyard just outside of Hopland in Mendocino County. Kurt farms this solely for our Rose production, picking on the early side to preserve freshness and acidity, the hallmark characters of Pink Belly Rose. From a grape-growing standpoint, 2022 was definitely fraught with peril, but what we have accomplished (bottled?) is juicy, red-fruited and lively rose that delivers what every rose should – happiness.

Pale salmon color. Brite, fresh and invigorating aromas of just ripe cherry, green strawberry, watermelon and citrus zest. The palate is sleek and savory, with the red fruits of summer enlivened by the lemony acidity. The dry and penetrating finish leaves the palate with a simple request – more.

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